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Ace:Release Guidlines

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The tests should be performed prior to an ACE release. As many of these as possible should be included in the maven/hudson configs for automated testing.

Prior to release testing, please make sure all bugs/features for that version have been completed on Redmine. Update maven version and footer version prior to creating a release package.

Source Testing

  1. export a clean copy of the 'svn export ace-test'
  2. 'mvn package' in root, and make sure the build succeeds.

Clean deploy testing

  1. Create a new database using the current ace ace-am.sql file.
  2. From your build, deploy the war file in ace-am/target/ace-am-XXX.war

Upgrade testing

  1. Grab the previous ace release, install the schema and war file
  2. register the test collection.
  3. shutdown instance, run update sql file, drop in new war file
  4. Check error log for errors, check display for major feature changes, run test audit on existing colleciton, register new collection.


When you have fully tested everything, use maven to generate the current release and update the current project with the next snapshot.

  1. Run mvn release:prepare in the root project
  2. upload the two new binary versions in ace-dist/target to redmine.
  3. export the source in the tags/ace-xxx version, tar/gz it and upload to redmine

Git Release

  1. mvn versions:set to $RELEASE
  2. git add all pom.xml
  3. git commit
  4. git tag -a ace-$RELEASE -m 'ace-$RELEASE'
  5. git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=ace/ master > ace-$RELEASE-src.tar.gz
  6. mvn versions:set to next snapshot
  7. git add all pom.xml
  8. git commit
  9. git push