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Dr. Salzberg has asked staff to make sure that all directories in the /fs/szattic-asmg4 file system are owned by the group cbcb and are set so that they will have read,write and execute permissions set for the group. We have take the steps to do this by applying the SetGID bit to each directory.

However, everyone will be required to add/change a value in your shell intialization scripts to make this work correctly. The value is called umask and you need to set it to 002.

For sh/bash shell users you need to edit your ~/.bash_profile file and add:

 umask 002

For csh/tcsh shell users you need to edit your ~/.cshrc or ~/.tcshrc file and add:

 umask 002

Doing this will help you and your colleagues make sure that you have access to the appropriate data.

If you have any questions or need help please just send a mail to