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There are two submission nodes that are available to do data management and submit jobs to the cluster.


Please do not run CPU intensive jobs on these nodes as they will be terminated.

There are currently a number of nodes available in the cluster and are scheduled with the SLURM resource manager. We have a a few aliases that are injected into your environment at the system level show_nodes and show_qos. If you have local shell configurations that have overriden these you may want to make sure you source the correct slurm shell initialization files for tcsh/csh /etc/profile.d/slurm.csh or bash/sh /etc/profile.d/

# show_nodes
NODELIST             CPUS       MEMORY     AVAIL_FEATURES            GRES                      STATE
crow01               8          7822       Xeon,x5460                (null)                    idle
crow02               8          7822       Xeon,x5460                (null)                    idle
crow03               8          7822       Xeon,x5460                (null)                    idle
gum                  64         515797     Opteron,6380              (null)                    mix
heron00              32         128742     Opteron,6378              (null)                    mix
ibis02               12         48138      Opteron,2453he            (null)                    mix
ibis03               12         48138      Opteron,2453he            (null)                    mix
ibis04               12         48138      Opteron,2453he            (null)                    mix
ibis05               12         48138      Opteron,2453he            (null)                    mix

You will need to specify a QOS (quality of service --qos) when you want to submit a job that requires more resources than the default.

$ show_qos
                Name     MaxWall MaxJobsPU       MaxTRES     MaxTRESPU
-------------------- ----------- --------- ------------- -------------
             default    01:00:00        16        mem=4G       mem=64G
          throughput    18:00:00       125       mem=36G
     high_throughput    08:00:00       300        mem=8G
               large 11-00:00:00         5      mem=128G
              xlarge 21-00:00:00         1      mem=512G
                long  7-00:00:00        16       mem=12G
         workstation  7-00:00:00         4       mem=48G

Getting Started