Clostridium perfringens

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Data sources



 A: not sequenced 
 ATCC 13124: JCVI; 54K reads, 1 contig (finished) 
 B str. ATCC 3626: JCVI, 38K reads, 98 contigs
 C str. JGS1495: JCVI, 40K reads, 84 contigs
 CPE str. F4969: JCVI, 37K reads, 74 contig
 D: not sequenced 
 E str. JGS1987: JCVI, 38K reads, 101 contigs
 NCTC 8239: JCVI, 38K reads, 55 contigs
 SM101: JCVI+TIGR, 43K reads, 3 contigs (chromosome+2 plasmids) (finished)
 13: University of Tsukuba Japan, 52K reads (not available in NCBI TA), 2 contigs(chomosome+plasmid) (finished)