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== Type B: ==
== Type B: ==
OSU18 : BCM complete
[https://wiki.umiacs.umd.edu/cbcb/index.php/Francisella_tularensis_holarctica_OSU18 OSU18] Baylor, Complete
Assembly locations:
Final assembly steps:
  1. The complete genome sequence was downloaded from NCBI: NC_008369.1
  2. Reads were downloaded from TA and formatted using tarchive2ca
  3. There are 2 Sanger libraries for this project
      BFTBP: #reads=58051 , insert_mean=2000, insert_stdev=666
      BFTDP: #reads=10409 , insert_mean=2000, insert_stdev=666
  4. The reads have been retrimmed using veraTrim (-T 10 -M 100 -E 500)
  5. runCA-OBT.pl has been used to assemble all the reads
    location: 2007_0724_WGA-default/  
    =>160 scaff, 163 contigs, 23X coverage
  6. The library sizes were updates using the WGA estimates
      BFTBP: insert_mean=2690.042, insert_stdev=643.126
      BFTDP: insert_mean=3675.914, insert_stdev=1225
  7. The WGA was aligned to the reference using nucmer; one rearrangement, one 
    deletion and several SNP's were noticed
  8. The reads were assembled using AMOScmp (default parameters)
    location: 2007_0724_AMOSCMP-default/
    => 1 scaffold, 22 contigs
    2 missoriented read pile regions were noticed
  9. The assembly was aligned to itself; 950 bp inverted repeats were identified as
    flanking the problem regions; the coordinates are:
      16336-21562  (5  KB)
      167086-184936 (17 KB)
  10. The 2 regions were flipped ; the new reference is called NC_008369.2
  11. Several small contig (step 8) read clear ranges have been extend to their OBT
      trimming points
  12. AMOScmp was rerun using more relaxed parameters:
        nucmer      MINCLUSTER=30
        casm-layout MAXTRIM=50
    location: 2007_0731_AMOSCMP-veraTrim-updateDst-relaxed-updateClr-fixRef2->best
    => 1 scaffold, 8 contigs
Final assembly location:     
== Novicida ==
== Novicida ==
== Mediasiatica ==
== Mediasiatica ==

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Data sources:




Type A:

FSC033 : Broad assembly (15 contigs)

Assemblies location:


Type B:

OSU18 Baylor, Complete