Francisella tularensis

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Data sources:




Type A:

FSC033 : Broad assembly (15 contigs)

Assemblies location:


Type B:

OSU18 : BCM complete

Assembly steps:

 1. Reads were downloaded from TA and formatted using tarchive2ca 
 2. There are 2 Sanger libraries for this project 
      BFTBP:58051 reads
      BFTDP:10409 reads
 3. The reads have been retrimmed using veraTrim (-T 10 -M 100 -E 500)
 4. has been used to assemble all the reads
 5. The library sizes were updates using the WGA estimates
 6. The WGA was aligned to the reference using nucmer; one rearrangement, one deletion and several SNP's were noticed

Assemblies location:


Final assembly location: