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(under development)

Getting building access and room keys

Talk to Denise Cross about gaining card access to the building and a key to your lab. She will need the following information:

  • An endorsement email from your sponsor/adviser
  • 9 Digit University ID number
  • Name
  • Contact (email/phone)
  • Room number (for keys only)

Her office is 3120D in the Biomolecular Sciences Bldg or you can email her at For further questions her office number is 301.405.5936.

Subscribing to mailing lists

There are a number of CBCB mailing lists that you can subscribe to by following the instructions on this page:
(note: you may have to add a security exception to your browser)

Understanding the layout of available resources

When you first log into a server (eg., you will probably be placed in one of the following personalized directories:

  • /fs/wrenhome/yourUserName/
  • /nfshomes/yourUserName/

nfshomes has a steep limit on available disk space (in the double digit MBs) while wrenhomes allows you the freedom to be wrecklessly inconsiderate and fill up all of the remaining free disk space. Therefore you should use wrenhomes for your personal work files, but should be very mindful of how much space you are using and how much free space remains. For large amounts of data, you should use one of the following (after first checking with your sponsor):

  • /fs/szdata/
  • /fs/szasmg/
  • /fs/szasmg2/
  • /fs/szasmg3/
  • /fs/szasmg4/

You can check the available disk space by using df from the command line or by visiting (what is this web page?)

Follow the resources link at the bottom of this page for more information on resources available through CBCB.

Configuring your home directory and shell