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Partition is a python script that takes an input of regular expressions and metadata to build an xml file of matching header information from a fasta-formatted file. is located at:

/fs/szasmg/metagenomics/Partition/ ['''stable''']
/fs/szasmg/metagenomics/Partition/MetaPart/src/ ['''latest but possibly unstable builds''']


-p    Populate the given partition/XML.
-b    Given the input file, build a partition.
-m    Metadata file that will be used to populate the partitions.
-h    Header information for the metadata, if not present column information for metadata will be found in first line of the metadata.
-f    Input fasta file.
-s    Split the fasta file based on the partition information and output to the directory.
-o    Name of the output .part file.
-c    Convert an old partition format into the new xml format.