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Financial Entity Identification and Information Integration (FEIII) 2017 Challenge: The Report of the Organizing Committee
   Doug Burdick, Mark Flood, John Grant, Joe Langsam, Louiqa Raschid, Ian Soboroff and Elena Zotkina
Predicting Role Relevance with Deep Learning in a Financial Domain
   Mayank Kejriwal
Understanding Relations using Concepts and Semantics 
   Jouyon Park and Hyunsouk Cho and Seungwon Hwang
Hybrid Feature Factored System for Scoring Extracted Passage Relevance in Regulatory Filings
   Denys Proux and Claude Roux and Agnes Sandor and Julien Perez
Ranking Sentences Describing Relationships Between Financial Entities by Relevance
   Tim Repke and Michael Loster and Ralf Krestel
Thomson Reuters' Solution for Triple Ranking in the FEIII 2017 Challenge
    Elizabeth Roman and Brian Ulicny
Towards Re-defining Relation Understanding in Financial Domain
    Chenguang Wang and Doug Burdick and Laura Chiticariu and Rajasekar Krishnamurthy
    and Yunyao Li and Huaiyu Zhu
Entity Relationship Ranking Using Differential Keyword-Role Affinity
   Rohit Naini and Pawan Yadav
FactSet - The Advantage of Scored Data
   Raymond Hicks