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=== Colloquium Recordings ===
=== Colloquium Recordings ===
* [[Colloqium Recording (Fall 2021)|Fall 2021]]
* [[Colloqium Recording (Fall 2020)|Fall 2020]]
=== Previous Talks ===
=== Previous Talks ===

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CLIP Colloquium

The CLIP Colloquium is a weekly speaker series organized and hosted by CLIP Lab. The talks are open to everyone. Most talks are held on Wednesday at 11AM in AV Williams 3258 unless otherwise noted. Typically, external speakers have slots for one-on-one meetings with Maryland researchers.

If you would like to get on the list or for other questions about the colloquium series, e-mail Doug Oard, the current organizer.

For up-to-date information, see the UMD CS Talks page. (You can also subscribe to the calendar there.)

Colloquium Recordings

Previous Talks


  • News about CLIP researchers on the UMIACS website [1]
  • Please follow us on Twitter @umdclip [2]