Computational Linguistics and Information Processing

Recent Accomplishments in the last 12 months

Jordan Boyd-Graber

Wrote 300 papers and 300 programs.

Hal Daume III

Wrote multiple songs while supervising endless number of students.

David Doermann

Submitted gazillion proposals.

Bonnie Dorr

Funded ginormous numbers of proposals.

Naomi Feldman

Same as Jordan.

Jimmy Lin

What else ... tweeted and mapped and reduced.

Doug Oard

Something to do with being a fearless lab leader and deanish stuff.

Louiqa Raschid

PattArAn: NSF grant. Collaboration with plant biologists at the University of Maryland. 
  Potential contributions to the Arabidopsis community.
SM3: NSF grant. Social media modeling, prediction and recommendation. 
  Multiple papers in collaboration with Shanchan Wu and Hassan Sayyadi and 
  Smith colleague - Bill Rand and Yogesh Joshi and Liye Ma and Prem Swaroop .
PAnG: Tool for graph data mining of annotated graph datasets. 
  Collaboration with Samir Khuller and multiple papers. 
  Mentoring of several undergraduate students.
Next Generation Financial Cyberinfrastructure: Workshops in July 2010 and July 2012
  sponsored by the NSF and CRA/CCC.

Philip Resnik

On sabbatical and lurking in coffee shops near campus pretending to be on sabbatical while really working.