Computational Linguistics and Information Processing

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Recent Accomplishments in the last 12 months

Jordan Boyd-Graber

Wrote 300 papers and 300 programs.

Hal Daume III

  • Tutorial presented at AAAI 2011 on structured prediction and imitation learning; workshops organized at ICML (reducing label cost in learning) and ACL (multilingual modeling)
  • Invited talks presented at: TextGraphs Workshop, International Workshop on Speech and Machine Learning, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Trento, University of Toronto, Temple University
  • Funded research: DARPA CSSG grant on domain adaptation for machine translation, Yahoo Faculty Research Initiative Gift, NSF grant on learning for spatial hearing (joint with Ramani Duraswami), DARPA BOLT grant on machine translation (joint with Doug Oard, Jimmy Lin, Philip Resnik).
  • First student (Piyush Rai) graduating, will be the inaugural Sheldon Ekland-Olson Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Austin, joint between the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences and the Division of Statistics and Scientific Computation
  • Best paper award with Jay Pujara and Lise Getoor at the Conference for Email and Anti-Spam 2011
  • Over a dozen accepted papers at top-tier NLP and ML conferences for 2011, more coming for 2012
  • Serving on the editorial board for the newly-formed journal Transactions of the ACL, also on editorial boards for Machine Learning Journal and Computational Linguistics
  • Area chair for AAAI, ICML and EMNLP 2012; reviewer for countless other conferences
  • Executive committee member for IGERT program on language science at UMD

David Doermann

Submitted gazillion proposals.

Bonnie Dorr

Funded ginormous numbers of proposals.

Naomi Feldman

  • Two internal pilot grants: RASA award on "Modeling bilingual sound category acquisition", ADVANCE seed grant (with Rochelle Newman from HESP) on "Children's real-time processing of sounds and words"
  • Three papers accepted to Cognitive Science Society conference this August
  • Invited talks at IPAM Graduate Summer School on Probabilistic Models of Cognition, Yale linguistics
  • Faculty advisor for student-organized Mayfest workshop: The Role of Computational Models in Linguistic Theory
  • Member of program committee for workshops Psychocomputational Models of Language Acquisition (at LSA) and Cognitive Models and Computational Linguistics (at NAACL); reviewer for various conferences/journals
  • Developed and taught computational psycholinguistics modeling course; enrollment was 50% women; at least two students will go on to take CL1 next fall

Jimmy Lin

What else ... tweeted and mapped and reduced.

Doug Oard

Something to do with being a fearless lab leader and deanish stuff.

Louiqa Raschid

PattArAn: NSF grant. Collaboration with plant biologists at the University of Maryland. 
  Potential contributions to the Arabidopsis community.
SM3: NSF grant. Social media modeling, prediction and recommendation. 
  Multiple papers in collaboration with Shanchan Wu and Hassan Sayyadi and 
  Smith colleague - Bill Rand and Yogesh Joshi and Liye Ma and Prem Swaroop .
PAnG: Tool for graph data mining of annotated graph datasets. 
  Collaboration with Samir Khuller and multiple papers. 
  Mentoring of several undergraduate students.
Next Generation Financial Cyberinfrastructure: Workshops in July 2010 and July 2012
  sponsored by the NSF and CRA/CCC.

Philip Resnik

Desperately trying to remember that he's on sabbatical.


  • Was really pleased to be included among those quoted in discussions by the Wall Street Journal's "Numbers Guy", Carl Bialik, about mining Twitter for public opinion, including both the print column and the accompanying blog post.

Talks and Meetings

  • Gave an invited keynote talk, "Computer Assisted Coding and Beyond: An Academic's Adventures with Clinical Natural Language Processing in the Real World", at the ACL/HLT 2011 BioNLP Workshop

Research Awards

  • Awarded National Science Foundation funding for a new project in computational political science in collaboration with computer scientist Noah Smith (CMU) and political scientists Amber Boydstun (UC Davis) and Justin Gross (UNC Chapel Hill). The project will develop new computational modeling methods, grounded in data-driven computational linguistics, aimed at improving the scientific understanding of how issues are framed by political elites, the media, and the public.
  • Awarded DARPA funding for a pilot project on advanced analysis of social media in collaboration with BBN and Converseon, Inc.
  • Student poster entitled Using Monolingual Crowds to Improve Translation, presented by Yakov Kronrod (Linguistics), featuring work by Yakov, Chang Hu (CS), Olivia Buzek (CS and Linguistics undergrad, now a PhD student at JHU), and Alexander J. Quinn (CS) on our monolingual translation project (collaboration with Ben Bederson) was named the winning poster in the Math, Technology, and Engineering category at the 2011 AAAS Student Poster Competition.