Next Generational Financial Cyberinfrastucture Workshop

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The Great Recession of 2008 and the continuing reverberations in the Eurozone 
have highlighted significant limitations in the ability of regulators and analysts/researchers 
to monitor and model the national and global financial ecosystem. This includes the lack of 
financial cyberinfrastructure to ingest and process numerous streams of financial transactions, 
as well as the accompanying data streams of economic activity, in real time. Also absent are 
open standards and shared semantics so that this data can be used to populate models of 
individual markets, financial networks and the interconnected ecosystem representing the 
global financial system. The most important challenge is the need to develop computational 
research frameworks, models and methods, in the spirit of past efforts to identify computational 
grand challenges in a diversity of data intensive domains including the biomedical sciences, 
health information management, climate change, etc. The next generation of financial 
cyberinfrastructure must provide a platform that can transform our current approaches 
to monitoring and regulating systemic risk. 

The goal of this workshop (and related activities) is to work closely with federal regulatory 
agencies, academic research communities in computer science, finance, economics and 
other related disciplines, the financial industry and the computing industry. 
The broader impact will include the following:  
* A blueprint for the next generation financial cyberinfrastructure. 
* A computational research framework with models and methods that are needed to transform 
  the monitoring and regulation of systemic risk.
* Best practices for the software industry and a robust regulatory framework.
* Multi-disciplinary Ph.D. level curriculum and doctoral dissertation challenges.


National Science Foundation, Division of Information & Intelligent Systems


* Louiqa Raschid, Professor, University of Maryland
* H. V. Jagadish, Bernard A Galler Professor, University of Michigan
* Michelle Lui, University of Maryland
Advisory Committee
* A. “Pete” Kyle, Charles E. Smith Chair in Finance, University of Maryland
* Joe Langsam, Committee to Establish the NIF; formerly of Morgan Stanley
* Lemma Senbet, William E. Mayer Chair in Finance, University of Maryland
* Nancy Wallace, Professor, University of California


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Background Reading

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Research Challenges

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When and Where

July 19-20, 2012

Waterview Conference Center

1919 North Lynn Street

Arlington, VA 22209 For information regarding workshop location, accommodations, and travel, click here

Sloan Foundation Call for Proposals Related to LEI

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation [1]