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resMBS is a graph / dataset that has been extracted from the contents of financial prospecti for US 
residential mortgage backed securities filed with the SEC. These securities were first created in 2002. 
They reached a peak in 2006 and then started to decline in 2007 and came to an abrupt end in 2008. 
We extracted the "financial supply chain" comprising "financial institutions" (FI) and the role (Role) 
that they play on a financial contract (FC).
The following paper provides an overview of how the dataset was created and some preliminary clustering 
analysis on the graph.
resMBS: Constructing a Financial Supply Chain from Prospecti

Doug Burdick IBM Soham De University of Maryland Louiqa Raschid University of Maryland Mingchao Shao University of Maryland Zheng Xu University of Maryland Elena Zotkina University of Maryland