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* HCIL mailing list (hcil@cs.umd.edu)
* HCIL mailing list (hcil@cs.umd.edu)
* MITH (mith-community@listserv.umd.edu<!--; mith-staff@listserv.umd.edu-->)
* MITH (mith-community@listserv.umd.edu<!--; mith-staff@listserv.umd.edu-->)
===Major announcements/seminars===
* FYI (fyi-poster@umd.edu)<!-- (To post to the FYI list go to http://www.umd.edu/fyi and select "Submit Request" at the top of the page.)-->
* UMIACS (umiacs@umiacs.umd.edu)
* Computer Science gradlist (gradlist@cs.umd.edu)
* Computer Science faculty (faculty@cs.umd.edu)
* HCIL-DC listserv (hcil-dc@cs.umd.edu)
* iSchool faculty (ischoolresearch@listserv.umd.edu)
* iSchool discussion (ischoolannouncements@listserv.umd.edu)
===Subject Specific Lists===
===Subject Specific Lists===

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Notifications/announcements for respective Brown Bag Lunches or Seminar Series are sent through these mailing lists. Contact various list that you are interested in for membership. Please recommend lists that you'd like to see receive BBL emails including info about the subject/focus of the email lists.

Every notification/announcement

  • HCIL mailing list (hcil@cs.umd.edu)
  • MITH (mith-community@listserv.umd.edu)

Subject Specific Lists

  • Educational Department (tlpl-graduate-students@listserv.umd.edu; tlpl-faculty@listserv.umd.edu;)
  • Business department
  • School of Journalism
  • Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2) (mc2-dicuss@umiacs.umd.edu)