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So You’re a HCIL BBL Coordinator

  • Get posting access to CS Talks List and the HCIL Wiki Main Page
  • Remember, the Brown Bag Lunch Schedule Wiki and CS Talks pages are public facing, keep them up to date
  • Consider becoming an admin for
  • Find out who is in charge of HCIL social media (e.g., @hcil_umd, @HCILPanda)
  • Familiarize yourself with food ordering and delivering for internal and external speakers and talk to Carlea Holl-Jensen (
  • Introduce yourself to the undergraduate liaison position
  • Familiarize yourself with sample email for lists (always include things like when, where, and who) but feel free to mix things up a bit
  • We cannot provide transport for external speakers but do send them a Map of UMD and provide support as necessary
  • You can get external speakers from class guest speakers (double check to make sure they haven’t given a BBL before by looking at the previous BBL schedule)
  • We’ve set up a potential speakers exchange consisting of graduate students/faculty members with UMBC; contact Patrick Carrington (

Semester Schedule

  • Devote the first BBL of the semester to general introductions (everyone goes around says name, area, and an icebreaker fact) plus some sort of filler content to take about 20 minutes at the end
  • Early (could even be second week) in the fall have a BBL for new-student lightning-presentations (have new student advisors help explain what this is) that are about 3 minutes or so each
  • Line up new faculty to give talks in September or October ASAP and continue checking up up on them periodically
  • Remember almost everyone is gone during CHI in the spring and people start leaving the last couple weeks in spring or are otherwise busy
  • Try to line up January and February external speakers in December since they start running into CHI/summer attendance later in the semester

Weekly BBL Prep

  • Email appropriate lists on Sunday and Wednesday
  • CC external speakers the HCIL-list’s email on Sunday
  • For distinguished speakers also advertise student Q&A session immediately after in email and encourage students to stay during/after the BBL itself
  • Request [guest wireless access] for external speakers
  • Two weeks in advance send emails to speaker asking for abstract, bio, and info as well as advise them about how questions generally happen during the talk not after and give them info about the Projector in 2117
  • Offer extra support for new student speakers
  • Write introduction about speaker background and talk
  • Practice speaker name pronunciation
  • Outline rough timeline (time for intros, talk, questions, etc.. depending on speaker preference and topical events)
  • Food was ordered the day before
  • For BBL distinguished speakers have lead faculty help distribute schedule to
  • For BBL distinguished speakers (or for even some external speakers), organize a student meet and greet session soon after the BBL (possibly in the same room)

General BBL Outline

  • Make sure enough chairs in the front of the room (borrow from iSchool computer lab across the hall and return after)
  • Roll the screen down and prep A/V
  • Introduce self to speaker
  • Inform speaker of the general time table and double check they’re okay with people asking questions during their talk
  • Inform BBL ends at 1:30pm
  • Make sure BBL ends at 1:30pm
  • Be excited and get everyone interested at the start before doing announcements
  • 10 -15 minutes is for announcements etc
  • Introduce speaker (can be relevant faculty member for external speakers)
  • Remaining time for the actual talk
  • Consider doing tweets with photos to help advertise (and tweet to the speaker)
  • Consider writing down ways to improve after

Example Email


HCIL BBL this Thursday (4/23) 12:30-1:30pm is Heather Bradbury - Maryland Institute College of Art


This week's HCIL Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) will feature Heather Bradbury from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Her talk is titled: Building a Plane in Mid-air.

Time: 4/23 (Thursday) from 12:30-1:30pm Place: HCIL (room 2105 Hornbake, South Wing)

Abstract: How do you launch a new program in an emerging field at an established design school – data, information, and visualization. When the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) decided to create a new graduate program in Information Visualization, there was a document and a great deal of confidence that the program would help take the college in a new direction. This talk will tell the story of pits and perils of how the program moved from an idea, to launch, to bringing its fourth year of students, and how data, information, and visualization was the pilot, engineer, and passenger.

Bio: Heather Bradbury, Director of MICA’s Masters of Professional Studies programs in Information Visualization and the Business of Art and Design, comes to MICA with over 15 years of experience in the fields of creative and educational project development and strategic communication. Heather’s background and broad professional experience, including Communications Specialist at the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of the State Superintendent; IDEAS Grants Manager and Education Specialist at the Space Telescope Science Institute (Home of Hubble Space Telescope); and co-owner of Balance-the Salon, an award-winning hair salon and photo gallery, provides her with a unique perspective in business operations and management as well as communication through various mediums to tell stories. Heather has additional experience working in the fields of architecture/interior design, engineering, catering, and production pottery.

You can view the BBL schedule at:

Finally, a shout-out to Yahoo! for all the food during the BBLs!

Daniel and Arunesh 2014-15 HCIL BBL Coordinators

EMail Lists

Every BBL

Distinguished speakers

  • FYI ( (To post to the FYI list go to and select "Submit Request" at the top of the page.)
  • UMIACS (
  • Computer Science gradlist (
  • Computer Science faculty (
  • iSchool discussion (
  • CSIC building TV board advertisements; (Contact Brandi Adams with ppt slide)
  • Hornbake building TV board advertisements; (Contact David Jensen with jpeg 816px X 768px)

Topic Specific Lists

  • Note: You usually need a faculty member to post to these
  • Educational Department (,
  • Business department (Send talk announcements to Send calendar talk announcements to
  • School of Journalism (Email a Journalism professor such as Nick Diakopoulos)
  • Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2) (
  • HCIL-DC listserv (

Other Potential Ways to Advertise

  • CS undergrad mailing list ( (Contact Brandi Adams ( from the CS undergraduate department to post)
  • UMD CS undergrad facebook group (which you appear to need to be a CS undergrad at the university to be able to post in):
  • Flyers in buildings relevant to specific majors, particularly CSIC (CS majors), BPS (psychology majors), and SPH (healthcare-related majors)
  • There are many student clubs related to HCI/design (e.g., American institute of graphic artists, Association for computing machinery, Cyber security club, Mobile app developers, Game developers' club, and Terrapin hackers)
  • Chalking advertisements on the ground at major hubs of walking traffic on campus (in the middle of the mall, in front of Stamp, in front of the Diners, around the CS building, etc.)
  • Maker fairs, hackathons, and other similar events. We may not be able to advertise at the event itself, but students attending will likely have meetings beforehand or email lists, and might let us get out a quick blurb about a relevant talk
  • Professors already involved in BBLs who teach relevant classes and are willing to send out an email, say something in a class, or let one of us come in and give a quick pitch