Brown Bag Lunch Coordinators

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BBL (Brown Bag Lunch) coordinators have roles and responsibilities as listed below.

  • Be the first point of contact for external and internal speakers, and help them prepare for their talk.
    • Have the speakers' emergency contact information including their mobile numbers and email addresses.
    • Make sure that external speakers arrive on time.
    • Ask external speakers about the requirements for talk (i.e. hi-res beam projector, speaker, connector), and get them ready in advance.
  • Send notification emails to relevant BBL mailing lists at ...
    • Prior weekend of every talk.
    • Previous day of every talk.
  • At least one of the BBL coordinators should attend every session and introduce speakers.
  • After each session, update the BBL wiki with available summary notes, talk slides, and videos.

Tak and Michael both chose to also update their email signatures to indicate their positions as HCIL BBL coordinators and to advertise BBL talk sign-ups. For example, here's Tak's email signature:

Tak Yeon, Lee PhD student 2013-14 HCIL BBL Student Coordinator Computer Science department University of Maryland, College Park

If you are in the DC area and interested in presenting at the HCIL Brown Bag Lunch talk, please email me.

For any question, ask previous BBL coordinators Tak Yeon Lee( and Michael Gubbels(