CHI2015 Acceptances

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Paper Acceptances

  • A spoonful of sugar? The impact of guidance and feedback on password-creation behavior. R. Shay, L. Bauer, N. Christin, L. Cranor, A. Forget, S. Komanduri, M. Mazurek, W. Melicher, S. Segreti, and B. Ur
  • Effect of Machine Translation in Interlingual Conversation: Lessons from a Formative Study. Hara, K. and Shamsi T. Iqbal
  • Personalized, Wearable Control of a Head-mounted Display for Users with Upper Body Motor Impairments. Meethu Malu and Leah Findlater
  • Trajectory Bundling for Animated Transitions. Fan Du, Nan Cao, Jian Zhao, Yu-Ru Lin
  • On Vintage Values: The Experience of Secondhand Fashion Reacquisition. Bowser, A., Haimson, O., Melcer, E. & Churchill, E. F.
  • Online Inspiration and Exploration for Identity Reinvention. Haimson, O., Bowser, A., Melcer, E. & Churchill, E. F.
  • uCap: An Internet Data Management Tool For The Home. Chetty, M., Kim, H., Sundaresan, S., Burnett, S., Feamster, N., and Edwards, W.K.
  • Designing Conversation Cues on a Head-Worn Display to Support Persons with Aphasia. Kristin Williams, Karyn Moffatt, Denise McCall, and Leah Findlater

Works in Progress

  • AtmoSPHERE: Representing Space and Movement Using Sand Traces in an Interactive Zen Garden. Ruofei Du, Kent Wills, Max Potasznik, Jon Froehlich
  • “I Like This Shirt”: Exploring the Translation of Social Mechanisms in the Virtual World into Physical Experiences. Ladan Najafizadeh, Seokbin Kang, Jon Froehlich
  • Kids in Fairytales: Experiential and Interactive Storytelling in Children’s Libraries. Seokbin Kang, Youngwoon Lee, Suwoong Lee


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CHI Academy honor

  • Catherine Plaisant to attend banquet

Student Volunteers

  • Alina Goldman
  • Meethu Malu