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Notes and Hints for the HCIL coordinators (and directors) to find what they need:

WARNING this is a public page, so think twice before creating links (i.e. not create link to unprotected documents you don't want to share widely). Indicating the presence of something and where to find it is usually enough of a clue to help someone get started.


The hcil website uses WordPress installed on a off-campus hosting site used by the iSchool See iSchool staff to get access

It uses a few databases you can access through CPANEL e.g. TRs, faculty and student info, content of symposium page (again ask iSchool or previous coordinator for access)

Historical note: the site was on a CS server before, and many old project webpages still live there. The TRs and old video files still live there.

Adding News items: add a "Post" in Wordpress

Updating faculty or students: make changes in the database in Cpanel. If adding someone: email them the url of New To The HCIL. If removing someone: add them to the alumni page (edited normally in wordpress).

The symposium webpage is not easy to edit... see email from Anne Thursday, December 7, 2017 for discussion


Timeline: there is a ???

Preparing the program: there is a Google Doc with restricted access called "HCIL Symposium program - Notes re: preparation and refinement" explaining the process.

Registration: so far it is handled by software created by Anne. Payment handled by campus. Not easy to setup...