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New to the HCIL?

Get started with some practical information: New To The HCIL

Brown Bag Lunch (BBL)

The HCIL community has an open semi-organized weekly "brown bag lunch" where we eat and discuss something about someone's work or a topic of current interest to the HCIL faculty or students. This might be a software demo or review, a study design, a proposed research topic in an early stage, an introduction to a new person, etc.

HCIL Symposium

CHI Paper Clinic

Internal Labs

The HCIL is home to a number of internal research groups lead by different faculty. Resources pertaining to these groups are listed below. To see a list of active HCIL members, projects, technical reports, etc., visit the HCIL Web Site.

Makeability Lab

Inclusive Design Lab


NetCHI Lab


The Lab Calendar

View the calendar for the Lab (Rm 2105). To reserve this space, email the HCIL Coordinator, Rashida Bandy, at with the requested date and time, as well as a short title/summary of the meeting (ex. Kidsteam).

Other Support