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Welcome to the (new) HCIL wiki. This wiki replaces the previous and very outdated one. This new wiki uses the MediaWiki package whereas the old wiki was a TikiWiki. Do not add new content to the old [TikiWiki]. Add all new content to this wiki. Log in with your UMD Directory ID and credentials to edit.

Brown Bag Lunch

The HCIL has an open semi-organized weekly "brown bag lunch" where we eat and discuss something about someone's work or a topic of current interest to the HCIL. This might be a software demo/review, a study design, a proposed research topic, an introduction to a new person, etc.

CHI paper clinique

Popular Pages

The following are some of the most popular or most used pages in this wiki:

You can always go to the regular HCIL Web Site to get a list of active members of the lab, projects, technical reports, etc.


Old Pages, SOHs, and retreats (Not migrated from TikiWiki)

The following pages have not been migrated from old list of "Top Pages" in TikiWiki, probably because they seemed very out of date and no longer maintained or no longer needed. They were part of the above list on the old TikiWiki. Some of these pages will be replaced with new versions, but are currently are out of date, so they were not migrated (e.g., the HCIL Symposium 2013 page will eventually be replaced with a new HCIL Symposium 2014 page). If you would like to access content on these pages, please migrate it from the previous HCIL TikiWiki then move it to the list above. These are included here for reference, hopefully so to ease, to some extent, making the corresponding pages in the future.

  • HCIL Symposium 2013
  • CHI 2013 Papers Clinic
  • People - Wiki people pages
  • Huh? - General info about the wiki (basic instructions, etc.)
  • PROTECTED AREA - Password protected site for HCIL
  • VisWeek 2012 clinic
  • 30 cakes for 30 years!
  • 30th Anniversary Holiday Party planning* Old pages - Move old stuff here for history
  • previous SOHs
  • Previous Retreats
  • Previous CHI Papers and Videos Clinics
  • CHI 2012
  • Kidsteam Summer 2012
  • Future of Information Alliance volunteers
  • Kidsteam Schedule - Fall 2011/Spring 2012