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HCIL Symposium 2016

Please sign up for tasks below by adding your name to one of the bullet points on the list below. The more the merrier! Thank you!

Prep for Symposium Jobs

May 24th 10am, Prep for Bagging Day

2105 Hornbake Making signs - directions, registration, packing up everything that needs to be moved, collecting everything for demos, food signs, on-site registration forms, stuff to sell t-shirts, demo signs/handouts, extra symposium schedules, ...

  • Carlea Holl-Jensen
  • Rohan Singh
  • Meethu Malu (can assist up until my 1PM practice talk and will available again from 1:30pm to 2:30pm )
  • Zahra Ashktorab
  • Mukul Agarwal
  • Lisa Rogers
  • Pujita Tipnis
  • Tony Pellicone (can assist up until my PM practice talk)

May 25th 10am, Bagging & Setup Day

2105 Hornbake Bagging, equipment for demos, stuffing badges, organizing registration materials, moving stuff to CSIC (FREE PIZZA!!!) (We need people with cars. Please make a note.)

  • Carlea Holl-Jensen (car)
  • Rohan Singh (No Car)
  • Lisa Rogers (car)
  • Daniel Pauw (no car)
  • Wei Bai (car)
  • Evan Golub (no car)
  • beth Bonsignore (car)
  • Uran Oh (car)
  • Pujita Tipnis (no car)
  • Gowtham Ashok (car)
  • Brenna McNally (no car)
  • Tony Pellicone (Car)
  • Meethu Malu (no car)
  • Anne Rose (car)
  • (no maximum)

Symposium Jobs and Schedule

May 26th, 7:15am, Registration & Morning Setup

CSIC (Computer Science Instructional Center) Lobby Tasks include registration, putting up signs, setting up tables, hanging banner, setting up posters and easels, directing people where to go, etc.

  • Carlea Holl-Jensen
  • Rachael Marr
  • Vanessa Oguamanam
  • beth Bonsignore
  • Jenny Hottle
  • Amy Malone
  • Yurong He
  • (no maximum)

May 26th, 9am, Lunch Setup

CSIC (Computer Science Instructional Center) Lobby Break down registration to smaller tables, setup lunch tables

  • Leah Findlater
  • Amy Malone
  • Snigdha Petluru
  • Deok Gun Park
  • Carol Boston
  • Michelle Mazurek (may be closer to 9:15)
  • Zahra Ashktorab
  • Yurong He

May 26th, 1:30pm Lunch Cleanup and Snack Set Up

CSIC (Computer Science Instructional Center) Lobby Stay to clean up after lunch, take out trash, fold tables and chairs, start setting up for demos/posters

  • Kotaro Hara
  • Yla Tausczik
  • Deok Gun Park
  • Uran Oh
  • Manaswi Saha
  • Lee Stearns
  • Karthik Badam
  • Matthew Mauriello

May 26th, 4:00pm, Set up Poster/Demo Session & Reception in lobby (5:00-6:00pm)

  • Jonathan Brier
  • Vanessa Oguamanam
  • Pramod Chundury
  • Jonggi Hong
  • Manaswi Saha
  • Yurong He
  • Liang He

May 26th, 6:00pm, Clean up & Return stuff to lab

CSIC (Computer Science Instructional Center) Lobby Neaten workshop/tutorial rooms and lab area/hallway, switch tutorial/workshop/talk signs, move everything back to HCIL. (We need people with cars. Please make a note.)

  • Carlea Holl-Jensen (car)
  • Vanessa Oguamanam (car)
  • Daniel Pauw (no car)
  • Beth Bonsignore (car)
  • Liz Warrick
  • Deok Gun Park (car)
  • Alina (potentially)
  • Lee Stearns (car)
  • Karthik Badam
  • Adil Yalcin
  • (no maximum)

Specialized Jobs throughout the Day

Take pics at Symposium May 26th

Please take pictures that you think will look good in publicity materials (presentations/crowds/demos/our cake/poster scenes/cool activities), in addition to the fun "us being awesome and having fun" pictures

  • Evan Golub (morning)
  • Jenny Hottle
  • Alina
  • Sana (morning + Event Sequence workshop)
  • Karthik Badam

Morning Talk Session May 26th - Plenary + Morning Sessions

  • Loan computer: Jen Golbeck
  • Tech support:
  • Session chair/announcer:
  • Mics/lights: Jonathan Brier
  • (Hook:)

Afternoon Talk Session May 26th PM - Parallel Sessions 1

  • Loan computer: Jen Golbeck
  • Tech support:
  • Session chair/announcer: Michelle Mazurek (Privacy & Security); Andrea Wiggins (Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing); Niklas Elmqvist (Visualization)
  • Mics/lights: Pramod Chundury
  • (Hook: )

Afternoon Talk Session May 26th PM - Parallel Sessions 2

  • Loan computer: Carlea Holl-Jensen
  • Tech support:
  • Session chair/announcer: Tammy Clegg (Education & Youth); Jon Froehlich (Werables/Tangibles/Makeables); Leah Findlater (Accessibility)
  • Mics/lights: Alina
  • (Hook: )

Tutorial/Workshop Session May 26th

  • Tech support:

Run practice talks before symposium

(See Practice Talk Schedule 2016 for practice talk sign up)

Misc Notes

  • OIT CSIC x53838
  • Tables/chairs delivered to CSIC at 3pm on Wednesday
  • Lunch is 12-1pm; breaks are 2:15-2:30pm and 4:00-4:15