Volunteer For the 2019 Symposium!

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Thank you for volunteering to help with our Symposium! Add your name to one (or more) of the bullet points on the list below.


Tues, April 2, 10:00AM, Symposium Preparations

2105 Hornbake Building, South Wing We'll create and print signs, forms, and schedules; pack materials; gather demo supplies; etc.

  • Teja Maddali
  • Kyungjun Lee
  • Daniel Pauw

Wed, April 3, 12:00PM, Final Symposium Preparations

2105 Hornbake Building, South Wing We'll bag Symposium SWAG, continue gathering and packing materials, stuff badges, organize registration materials, transport materials and equipment to the HOTEL (and NOT CSIC this year!!!), etc. FREE PIZZA!

  • beth bonsignore - CAR (will come at 12:30 - have a meeting till then)
  • Emma Dixon - CAR (I have class at 2:00 pm)
  • Pramod Chundury
  • Leyla Norooz - CAR
  • Himanshi Manglunia
  • Diva Smriti
  • Shruti Hegde


For each of these general Day-Of Symposium tasks, volunteers will meet at the hotel (NOT 'CSIC this year!!_). We ask that Day-Of Symposium volunteers be willing to share cellphone numbers so that the support team can communicate as needed throughout the event.

7:30AM to 9:30AM Morning Set-Up & Registration

Tasks include setting up tables, signs, posters and easels; directing attendees; checking in attendees; completing on-site registration, etc. Please make a note if you are only available for a portion of this timeframe. It would helpful to email your cell phone number to Beth - just in case.


  • Yue Jiang (available after 8:30 AM. I will try to be earlier. My time is restricted by UMD shuttle bus. Sorry!)
  • Simone Pimento
  • beth bonsignore

9:00AM to 11:45pm Plenary Session Mic Runners

Tasks include passing the microphones to attendees during Q & A period for each speaker.


  • Biswaksen Patnaik (Available for 9-11:45AM Plenary Session)
  • John Morabito
  • Akanksha Shrivastava (Available 9:30 am onwards, have a meeting from 9-9: 30 am, sorry!)

11:45AM to 12:30pm Mid-Day Set-Up

Tasks include breaking down the first floor registration table and moving materials to second floor registration table.


  • Brian Ondov
  • Yuhan Luo
  • Xin Qian

2:45PM to 3:15PM Demo/Poster Set-Up

Tasks include Setting-up for the Demo & Poster Session.


  • Dan Votipka
  • Brian Ondov
  • Diva Smriti

5:15PM to 6:00PM Symposium Breakdown

Tasks include removing signage; packing and transporting materials back to Hornbake. We need people with cars, willing to transport materials back to Hornbake. Please note "CAR" next to your name, if you can help--thank you!


  • Daniel Pauw
  • Wayne Lutters (CAR)
  • beth bonsignore (CAR) - minor note: Must return to Hornbake by 6pm (teach a class at 6:15).