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Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine


The PE-770 is a computerized embroidery machine that includes 136 built-in embroidery patterns which include scroll work, florals, classic quilt patterns and more. The machine also allows use of licensed designs which are provided on Brother memory cards.

The PE-770 also has the ability to import specially-formatted designs via USB Memory Sticks. Imported designs can be a maximum of 5" x 7". Before importing a design into the machine it must be converted to the Brother file format and processed through the Brother software to set stich types, fabric weight, and other important parameters.

Safety Concerns

Like all sewing machines, the PE-770 has a rapidly moving needle that can puncture skin and cause painful injuries to fingers and other body parts. If a needle breaks it could potentially send sharp pieces at the operator, potentially causing serious injuries including permanent eye damage.


Use of this tool requires the completion of a safety and usage training module. This training is not yet available on our Canvas LMS. As a result, you must arrange one-on-one training with an experienced Sandbox Manager or Staffer.

Self-training via this wiki, user manuals, or other sources is encouraged but does not substitute for the online training module. Students found using this tool without receiving one-on-one training are subject to disciplinary action which may include termination of Sandbox access.

Tips & Tricks

PE Design Software Lessons:


  • Hoops
  • Thread
  • Bobbins
  • Software


Copies of the PE-770 manuals can be found on our shared drive:

Manufacturer's Web Site


  • Features
    • 136 built-in embroidery designs and 6 built-in embroidery lettering fonts
    • Easily import designs from your memory stick via the built-in USB port
    • Built-in embroidery card slot enables use of 1000’s of optional Brother embroidery designs
    • On-screen embroidery editing on monochrome LCD touch screen
    • Maximum embroidery area of 5" x 7"
    • Built-in frame shapes and border styles to frame your embroidery
    • Memory function to save designs for future use
  • Built-In Embroidery Stitches
    • 136 Decorative Patterns
    • 6 Monogramming Fonts
    • 12 Border and 10 Frame Patterns
  • Embroidery Features
    • Maximum Embroidery Speed 650 spm
    • Embroidery Rotation 1 degree, 10 degree, or 90 degree increments
    • On-Screen Editing
    • Design Memory
    • On-Screen Help
    • Super Easy Bobbin winding system
    • Bobbin Quick Set™ Bobbin
    • Advanced Needle Threading System
    • Upper Thread Tension System
    • Thread Cutter Button
    • Media Recognition USB Host, Memory Card
    • Super Bright Work Area 2 LED's
  • Connectivity
    • USB Port
  • Included Accessories
    • Dust Cover
    • Seam ripper
    • bobbins
    • needle set
    • cleaning brush
    • screw drivers
    • spool caps
    • spool net
    • scissors
    • accessory bag
    • manual
    • reference guide
    • Embroidery Hoop 5" x 7"