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Festool Kapex KS-120 Miter Saw


The miter saw is a great tool for cutting down materials of relatively thin width into sections of varying length. This could be chopping down 2x4's to make several pieces of equal length or cutting 8020 aluminum extrusions at angles to make a frame. Being a compound miter saw, you can cut materials with a width of up to 12 inches at a 90 deg. miter or 8.25 inches at a 45 deg. miter. This specific model also has laser alignment to accurately place the material on the cutting surface and make a cut. Integrated clamps allow you to hold the material while cutting without you having to hold down the material yourself, reducing the risk of injuries.


Training is required to use this tool. The training module will be posted here.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the inbuilt laser to position your material according to the cut line you made. The laser switch location isn't obvious
  • Always ease the blade into the material. Not doing so can often cause the blade to bind or worse, kickback, which can lead to injuries.
  • Integrated clamp can be used to hold down the material when cutting.
  • Cutting multiple pieces of the same length? It is often helpful to set-up a 'stop' using a clamp and piece of scrap wood to cut material at equal lengths fast.


A pdf copy of the manual can be viewed on the sandbox shared drive here.


  • Blades - The primary consumable for this tool are blades. Please do not try to change the blade yourself. If you think the blade is dull, damaged, or is incorrect for the material you wish to cut, please check with a manager for assistance.