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DeWalt DCS354 Oscillating MultiTool


The Oscillating Multi-Tool is a multi-purpose cutting tool. The tool is perfect for cutting slots into the material, especially in hard to reach places. The vibrating action of the tool allows you to cut even in the middle of the material, without using a starter hole, as required in a Jig Saw or a Scroll Saw. The smaller blades also allow for more precision when cutting.


Training is required to use this tool. The training module can be taken here.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always remove the battery when changing the blade. After cutting, wait for a few minutes before touching the blade as it may be hot.
  • Make sure the correct blade is used according to the material being cut.
  • Hold the tool tightly, as there is kickback when the blade starts going through the material.
  • Make sure to clamp the material tightly when cutting.


A pdf copy of the manual can be viewed on the sandbox shared drive here.


  • Blades - The primary consumable for this tool are blades. Contact a manager to get the correct blade according to the material you will be cutting. In case the blade breaks while cutting, notify a manager.