Singer Simple 3232

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Singer Simple 3232


The Singer Simple 3232 is an easy-to-use sewing machine that is great for beginners.

Safety Concerns

The sewing machine makes use of a thick sewing needle that, when not used properly, can break and be hazardous to users. Breaks can be caused by excessive force when using the machine or trying to fix a snag in the stitching.


We are currently building our training module for this tool. In the meantime, there are some very helpful videos that can help you familiarize yourself with the machine.

Self-training via this wiki, user manuals, or other sources is encouraged but does not substitute for the online training module. Students found using this tool without completing the Canvas training module are subject to disciplinary action which may include termination of Sandbox access.

Trained Managers

The managers that have adopted this tool and can help you with using. Keep in mind these are not the only managers that know how to use this tool, feel free to ask any. Full list of adopted tools can be found here here. Could not get URL after 3 tries.


Tips & Tricks

  • None so far but if you learn any, be sure to let us know!


  • Bobbins
  • Machine needles
  • Thread
  • Foot Pedal


A downloaded copy of the Singer Simple manual can be found On the Singer Web Site OR on our shared drive

Manufacturer's Web Site



  • Singer Simple Exterior: 15″ x 7.5″ x 12″ (127mm x 190.5mm x 304.8mm)

Work Area

  • [insert here]

Material Capability

Can safely sew all fabrics.


  • [insert here]


  • Electricity/working electrical outlet
  • Functional machine needle (not broken)
  • Thread
  • Foot pedal


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