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Under Construction

CNC Studio

The CNC Studio is located in Iribe Room 1222.

CNC (computer numerical control) is a technology that enables machines to be controlled with computer code. While many tools in Sandbox use CNC technology (laser cutters, embroiderers, etc.), CNC is often used as shorthand to refer to CNC machining tools, such as CNC routers and mills. For some light reading on CNC you might want to check out Fundamentals of CNC Machining by Autodesk.

Hazard Warnings for CNC Studio

  • No Food or Drink - No food or drink is allowed in this studio.
  • Eye protection required - To enter this studio, eye-protection is mandatory.
  • Hearing protection recommended - When tools are in operation, uncomfortable noise levels may be reached.
  • Respiratory protection recommended - When tools are in operation, fine particulate matter may fill the air, causing respiratory irritation.
  • Safety Data Sheets

Major tools

If you are looking for something on this list, and you cannot find it in the room, tell a manager. It should not have left the room and may be missing or stolen.