Koolerton USB Microscope

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Koolerton USB Microscope

Koolerton USB Microscope


The Koolerton USB Microscope is a microscope whose image can be viewed on a computer. No extra software is required, as it is detected by the computer as a webcam. Microscopes are useful when soldering small electronic components. This microscope, because of its limited frame rate/resolution, will not be as useful as an optical microscope. However, it can be used to capture images of smaller components.


Connection: Plug the microscope into a free USB port on the computer, then open the camera viewing application of your choice and select "USB Camera". Flip the image if necessary.
Focus Adjustment: To adjust the focus of the camera, rotate the aluminum ring at the top of the tube. This will also zoom in and out slightly.
Height Adjustment: To adjust the height of the camera, rotate the knurled shaft of the stand. The shaft will telescope up/down.
Free Adjustment: To move the camera freely, loosen the ring at the front of the holder and then manipulate the camera until satisfied.


No training is required to use this tool.