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UMIACS has deployed a system with 3 Barracuda Networks spam firewalls. This allows for enterprise level Virus and Spam scoring and filtering for our email architecture. You can log in to the system using any of our 3 firewalls using your UMIACS email address ( and password:

Mail Flow Through Barracudas

  • The first time your mail flows through one of the Barracudas it will send you a mail with a new username and password. Subsequently you will receive every day (unless you configure otherwise) a mail at approx. 3:30pm EST from the Barracuda with your quarantine summary. Please note that auto log-in through the link provided in the summary does not work due to a recent firmware upgrade on the Barracudas. Please use the links provided above to log in.


The Barracudas will score every message that passes through them and inject varying message headers based on that score. You can then create email filters based on these headers to filter out messages that are tagged as spam by the Barracudas. See BarracudaSpamFirewall/Scoring for more details.


  • Mail that has been deemed as spam will be kept on the Barracudas in quarantine. It will not be delivered to your mailbox unless you configure the Barracudas to do so.
  • Your quarantine will be preserved for 21 days. If mail is held for longer, then it will be purged.
  • You can search your spam quarantine with the following steps BarracudaSpamFirewall/SearchingQuarantine

Quarantine Passthrough

  • If you wish to have the mail that would ordinarily be quarantined by Barracuda delivered to your mailbox instead you can configure this using the Barracuda web configuration.
  • You can enable this functionality with the following guide BarracudaSpamFirewall/QuarantinePassthrough

Whitelists, Blacklists & Bayesian Filtering

  • You may also setup whitelists, blacklists, and Bayesian filtering options through the Preferences tab at the top of the Barracuda web portal.

More Information

  • For more information on how to use the Barracuda please download the user's guide: