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Contact staff to create account

  • In order to start backing up with Druva, you first need to have an account created for your user. To start this process, e-mail staff@umiacs.umd.edu and request a Druva account creation. Once staff notifies you that the account is installed, you may continue to the following steps.

Getting the client

  • Download and install the Druva inSync client from the following URL:


Once the client has installed, change the login type from 'inSync Cloud' to 'On Premise.' You will then be prompted for the following information:

  • Server URL: druva.umiacs.umd.edu:6061
  • Username: username@umiacs.umd.edu
  • Password: UMIACS password

Once connected the client will automatically start the initial sync.

Please contact staff if you run into any issues with this procedure.