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This page outlines how to setup a UMIACS Exchange mailbox in the Microsoft Outlook Application on Windows.

For instructions on setting up an Exchange mailbox on macOS, see here.


  • UMIACS Exchange Mailbox


Note: If this is your first time opening Outlook on the machine (i.e. it is at the initial setup screen when you first launch it), click Next until you reach a screen asking for an email address and password and then skip to step 3 below. Otherwise (i.e. if you already have Outlook connected to one or more other accounts):

  1. Open Outlook and go to 'File' -> 'Account Settings'.
  2. Make sure the 'E-mail' tab is selected and click 'New'.
  3. 'E-mail Account' should be selected by default. Fill out your name, email address (even if your primary email address uses a different domain e.g., and password. Click 'Next'.
  4. After a short while, a login box will pop up prompting you for credentials. Click Use another account or Use a different account. If the domain is specified as 'UMIACS', enter your UMIACS username and password. If not, you simply need to prepend 'UMIACS\' to your username.
  5. The following popup box may display. This URL is used by the Exchange server to gather details about your mailbox. Tick the checkbox and hit 'Allow'.
  6. After another short while, setup should have completed. Restart Outlook to finish.

Upon logging in, you should now start to see mail arriving in the Outlook application. It may take a while for your mailbox to become fully populated as your mailbox syncs with the server.


Other Operations

You can recover deleted emails in Outlook using its Recover Deleted Items option under Tools menu. See Recovering Deleted Emails in Outlook for detailed steps.


After the account you are using on the computer has been migrated or you have just deleted a large amount of email, you may see the following message when attempting to search in Outlook or otherwise incomplete search results when searching for keywords:


This is because Outlook may need to reindex email to account for the changes. To do this:

  1. Click on the Search box so that the Search menu appears in the top pane. Then click on Search Tools -> Search Options...
  2. Click on the Indexing Options... button.
  3. Click on Modify in the bottom left.
  4. Uncheck any box associated with Outlook, hit OK, then click Modify again and recheck the boxes you just unchecked.
  5. This forces Outlook to unload all of the old indexes and rebuild them again. It may take some time for searches to populate with all results.

Additional Help

If you ran into trouble with the steps outlined above, or would like additional assistance, please contact the UMIACS Help Desk.