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This page outlines how to setup a UMIACS IMAP mailbox in the macOS mail application.


  • UMIACS IMAP Mailbox


  1. Open the MailApp and go to 'Mail' -> 'Preferences'. Then navigate to the 'Accounts' tab.
  2. Click the '+' underneath the list of currently configured accounts.
    [macOS] Click `+`

  3. Select 'Other Mail Account...'
    [macOS] Select `Other Mail Account...`

  4. Enter your UMIACS e-mail address and password. Click 'Sign In'.
    [macOS] Fill in your account details

  5. Provide the correct server settings as show below
    Incoming Mail server
    Outgoing Mail server
    [macOS] Fill in the server details.

  6. If desired, disable the Notes application from using this IMAP account. (Default behavior is to leave it enabled)
    [macOS] Enable/Disable notes application

  7. To ensure you can send mail, under Outgoing MailServer (SMTP) in the Account Information tab you should see Edit SMTP Server List
    [macOS] Edit SMTP Server List

  8. Make sure you're looking the correct account. Set Authentication to Password and put in your credentials.
    [macOS] Add credentials

You should now start to see mail arriving in your MailApp inbox and you should be able to send mail from you umiacs account.

Additional Help

If you ran into trouble with the steps outlined above, or would like additional assistance, please contact the UMIACS Help Desk.