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This page outlines how to setup a UMIACS IMAP mailbox in the Thunderbird desktop application.


  • UMIACS IMAP Mailbox
  • Thunderbird installed on your machine


  1. Open the Thunderbird and click on Email under Create a New Account
    Click on email

  2. Click on skip this and use my existing email
    You may return this screen at any point by following step one, should you decide to create a new email

  3. Enter your name, UMIACS email address, and password in their respective boxes
    Press Continue when you are done

  4. When you hit enter, Thunderbird won't be able to find the correct settings- which is okay.
  5. Fill it out according to the below image
    Fill out left to right, top to bottom. Fields may change themselves if you do not

  6. Assuming your log in was correct, you should be logged in after pressing Done

You should now start to see mail arriving in your inbox.

Additional Help

If you ran into trouble with the steps outlined above, or would like additional assistance, please contact the UMIACS Help Desk.