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This page outlines how to setup a UMIACS IMAP mailbox in the Windows 10 Mail application.


  • UMIACS IMAP Mailbox


  1. Open the mail app. Click "+ Add account".
    [Windows 10] Click `+ Add account`

  2. Now click "Advanced setup".
    [Windows 10] Click `Advanced setup`

  3. Now click "Internet email".
    [Windows 10] Click `Internet email`

  4. Now fill in your account details where needed.
    [Windows 10] Enter your credentials

  5. Provide the correct server settings as shown below.
    Incoming Mail server
    Account type
    Outgoing Mail server
    [Windows 10] Enter the correct server settings

  6. Finally, leave all of the shown boxes checked. Click "Sign in".
    [Windows 10] Sign in

  7. You should now be able to send and receive mail through the Windows 10 mail app.