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Server settings for the UMIACS IMAP Service

  • Incoming (IMAP)
    • Server:
    • Port: 993
    • SSL: On
  • Outgoing (SMTP)
    • Server:
    • Port: 25
    • STARTTLS: On

Alternate Configuration for Sites that Block Port 25

You can use the submission port,

  • Port: 587

In place of port 25 in your Outgoing (SMTP) settings when sites block port 25. This is a setting that if you do a large amount of traveling we encourage you to set. Please note that you still need to set STARTTLS on.

Pine Configuration

In your ~/.pinerc you need to set the following variables:


Mutt Configuration

In your ~/.muttrc file you need to set the following parameters:

 set folder="imap://"
 set spoolfile="imap://"
 set smtp_url="smtp://"

IMAP Information

Our traditional IMAP service is now part of a larger email architecture that provides SPAM/Virus Filtering and new and improved IMAP service.

  • New Features include:
    • Faster IMAP service
    • Mailbox Access Control Lists (you can share a specific mailbox or tree of mailboxes with colleagues)
    • Much improved vacation settings for our IMAP customers
    • User friendly web front end to do server side sorting of your mail Sieve Mail Filtering