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Mathematica is freely available to all University-owned machines.

On our UMIACS-supported Linux hosts, Mathematica can be accessed through our Modules.

  • The command module add mathematica will add the default version of Mathematica to your Environment.
  • To see the versions of Mathematica that are available use the command module avail mathematica.
  • To add a specific version of Mathematica to your Environment (i.e. Mathematica 12.0) use the command module add mathematica/12.0
  • Further information can be found on our Modules page.

For UMIACS-supported Windows machines, or other self-supported University-owned equipment, please contact staff.


There is no automated way to activate Mathematica across our domain. As a result, each computer will have to be registered once against our hosted license server. Any user can go through this process, and it should persist indefinitely so long as the computer is not reinstalled.

  • Upon being prompted, click "Other ways to activate" in the bottom row:
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 1

  • Click "Connect to a network license server":
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 2

  • Enter "" as the license server. Click "Activate":
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 3

  • Accept the terms, and click ok:
    Mathematica 10 Activation Screen 4
  • Mathematica should now be activated on the computer.