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Our Dell Fluid File System provides high performance network attached file systems for NFS and CIFS. These are backed up by our TSM backup system and has Snapshots to provide data integrity.

Restoring from Snapshots on the FluidFS can be done by changing into the .snapshots directory at any level within a FluidFS file system. There will be a number of different directories which have the prefixes hourly_, daily_ and weekly_. You can change your directory to the snapshot that will provide the necessary files depending on when you deleted them. Once you change the directory you should be in a exact copy of the path that you started in when the snapshot was taken. The snapshot is read only so please just copy any files or folders back into the places you want them restored.

# ls
daily_2013_01_08__00_00   hourly_2013_01_07__16_00  hourly_2013_01_08__04_00  hourly_2013_01_08__12_00
hourly_2013_01_08__20_00  hourly_2013_01_07__12_00  hourly_2013_01_07__20_00  hourly_2013_01_08__08_00
hourly_2013_01_08__16_00  daily_2013_01_07__00_00   weekly_2013_01_05__00_00