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How to Create Folders?

  • Right Click on where you would like to create the folder (ex. Inbox).
  • Click on "New Folder..."

Outlook new folder1.jpg

  • Type the name of the folder.

Outlook new folder2.jpg

  • Press Enter.

Outlook new folder3.jpg

How to Move Mail From One Folder to Another?

  • Right Click on the mail you want to copy/move.
  • Select Move
  • Select the folder you would like to move the mail to.

Outlook move mail1.jpg

  • Alternatively, you can move mail by clicking and dragging your mail into a folder.

How to set up the "Out Of Office" Message?

Please note that when setting this up it is prefered to not enable the "anyone outside my organization". If you must do so set it to "My contacts only". Failure to do so may impact mail delivery. Please see Microsoft's documentation regarding this.

How Do I Filter Spam From the Barracudas?

Refer to the Exchange Spam Filtering page for the procedure to add this filter.

Additional Help

If you ran into trouble with the steps outlined above, or would like additional assistance, please contact the UMIACS Help Desk.