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This page is currently in development! 
Any information included on this page has not been verified on the production environment

This page outlines the various account types at UMIACS.

UMIACS Account

A traditional UMIACS account consists of the following components:

Linux / Kerberos Account
Provides access to Linux computers, IMAP E-Mail, AR controlled resources, UMIACS Web Services.
Windows / Active Directory Account
Provides access to Windows computers, Exchange E-Mail, VPN.
JIRA Account
Provides access to the JIRA Request Tracker

Guest / Collaborator Account

Collaborator Accounts
Sponsored account to provide temporary access to UMIACS Web Services for non-UMIACS collaborators.

Changing account password

The UMIACS Password Web Application can be used to change the password for Linux, Windows, and Collaborator accounts.

Exclamation-point.png To reset a forgotten password -- Stop by the UMIACS Help Desk in room 3142 A.V. Williams Building with a photo ID

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