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A Collaborator account is a sponsored provisional account for non-UMIACS members that provides access to UMIACS applications such as GitLab, Object Storage, and MediaWiki instances. Collaborator accounts do not provide login access to UMIACS computers or access to networked file storage. Any access to GitLab repositories, ObjectStore buckets, etc. fall under their account sponsor and/or the PI. We also have a new more flexible Security Group that will replace our UMIACS Application Resources. The new Security Groups are managed in our UMIACS Directory Application.

How do I create a Collaborator Account?

A UMIACS Account holder has to sponsor the Collaborator Account. This is done in our UMIACS Requests Application. This will send an email to the Collaborator to set their details (including a username and password). Once the Collaborator has created their account, an email will be sent to both the account sponsor and the Collaborator that the account is ready to use.

How do you reset a Collaborator Account password?

This is done by the account sponsor through the Collaborator account list in the UMIACS Requests Application. The account sponsor will generate a token and send email to the Collaborator with a link to reset their password.

What is the difference between a UMIACS Application Resource account and the new UMIACS Collaborator Account?

UMIACS Application Resource accounts are being deprecated in favor of the new UMIACS Collaborator Account. Each Application Resource will need all its accounts converted and the applications reconfigured to use the new Security Group framework. Staff will work with our AR owners to make this transition.