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Adobe is a software development company most known for their multimedia software products and Flash Player. The commonly deployed Adobe product at UMIACS is the Creative Cloud Suite which contains products such as Acrobat, Photoshop, and more.

Installation and Licensing

UMIACS-supported desktop machines

Please contact staff if you would like one or more Creative Cloud products installed on a supported Windows or macOS desktop machine. Staff will install the Creative Cloud desktop app and the applications that you want.

You will still need to sign in with your UMD account to use the apps the same as how you have to for laptops or other personal machines by following the steps here.

All other machines

Creative Cloud products can be installed on laptops or personal machines following the instructions provided by UMD on Terpware for Windows or macOS. Faculty and staff should choose the Faculty and Staff Enterprise for Individuals option.

You will be prompted to sign in when using any Creative Cloud product installed this way. Licensing is handled through your UMD account. Instructions for signing in can be found here.