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UMIACS Archives

When UMIACS archives data we hold onto the archive for a period of 5 years.

In general, we archive the following:

  • the primary drive from hosts with persistent local data (Windows, macOS)
  • accounts that are archived and deleted (including metadata, network home directory/directories, and GitLab repositories)
  • mailbox(es) that no longer receive mail (i.e. the forward address that used to go to the mailbox has changed)

We may not archive the following:

  • tmp and scratch directories (as discussed on our page about data sotrage)
  • external drives that were attached to a machine
  • Data that migrated forward to a new machine
  • Data that was handed off into the care of the end-user or PI
  • Data from drives that failed and was not under backup protection, that is unavailable for us to archive
  • Data from self supported machines