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Quarantine Passthrough

  • If you wish to have the mail that would ordinarily be quarantined by Barracuda delivered to your mailbox instead you can configure this using the Barracuda web configuration.
  • First log into any of the following Barracuda interfaces using your full UMIACS email and Unix password: pompom, homsar, bubs


  • Once you have successfully logged in, click the Preferences tab at the top of the screen. Then select Quarantine Settings.


  • On this screen there is a selection box for Quarantine Enable/Disable. By changing this option to "No" all mail that would be captured by the Barracuda quarantine filter will instead be delivered to your mailbox with the tag [QUAR] prepended to the subject line. Click Save Changes and you're done.


Filtering the Quarantined messages from your inbox

  • Since the quarantine filter will no longer catch mail that would have been previously removed from your inbox you may wish to set up a filter to redirect these messages to an appropriate folder.
  • Filter setup instructions can be found at MailFiltering.