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We currently have the following C/C++ compilers on the following platforms:


  • gcc-4.7.4 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-4.7.4
  • gcc-5.3.0 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-5.3.0
  • gcc-5.4.0 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-5.4.0
  • gcc-6.2.0 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-6.2.0
  • gcc-6.3.0 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-6.3.0
  • gcc-7.5.0 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-7.5.0
  • gcc-8.1.0 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-8.1.0
  • gcc-9.3.0 - /opt/local/stow/gcc-9.3.0
  • Intel Compilers
  • Portland Group Compilers

In order to load different versions of gcc into your environment, you can use Modules, which provides a way to add and later if needed remove environmental variables that provide access to UMIACS large set of software we offer. Please see our Modules page for more information on how to use Modules.

Also see: CDebuggers