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UMIACS Class Accounts are currently intended to support classes being sponsored by the Center for Machine Learning.

Getting an account

Your TA will request an account for you. Once this is done, you will be notified by email that you have an account to redeem. If you have not received an email, please contact your TA. You must redeem the account within 7 days or else the redemption token will expire. If your redemption token does expire, please have your TA contact staff to have it renewed. Staff will not renew any redemption tokens without TA approval.

Once you do perform the redemption of your account, you will need to wait until you get a confirmation email that your account has been installed. This is done in batch once a day on days that the University is open for business.

Registering for Duo

UMIACS requires that all Class accounts be registered for MFA (multi-factor authentication) under our Duo instance (note that this is different than UMD's general Duo instance). You will not be able to log onto the class submission host until you register.

In order to register, visit our directory app and log in with your Class username and password. You will then receive a prompt to enroll in Duo. For assistance in enrollment, you can visit our Duo help page.

Once notified that your account has been installed and you have registered in our Duo instance, you can access the following class submission host(s) using SSH with your assigned username and the password you provided:

Personal Storage

Your home directory has a quota of 20GB and is located at:


where <semester> is either "spring", "summer", "fall", or "winter", <year> is the current year e.g., "2021", <coursecode> is the class' course code as listed in UMD's Schedule of Classes in all lowercase e.g., "cmsc999z", and <username> is the username mentioned in the email you received to redeem the account e.g., "c999z000".

You can request up to another 100GB of personal storage if you would like by having your TA contact staff. This storage will be located at


Group Storage

You can also request group storage if you would like by having your TA contact staff to specify the usernames of the accounts that should be in the group. Only other class accounts in the same class can be added to the group. The quota will be 100GB multiplied by the number of accounts in the group and will be located at


where <groupname> is composed of:

  • the abbreviated course code as used in the username e.g., "c999z"
  • the character "g"
  • the number of the group (starting at 0 for the first group for the class requested to us) prepended with 0s to make the total group name 8 characters long

e.g., "c999zg00".

Cluster Usage

You may not run computational jobs on the submission host. You must schedule your jobs with the SLURM workload manager. You can also find out more with the public documentation for the SLURM Workload Manager.

Class accounts only have access to the following submission parameters in SLURM. You may be required to explicitly set each of these in your submission parameters.

  • Partition - class
  • Account - class
  • QoS - default

Any questions or issues with the cluster must be first made through your TA.