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UMIACS Class Accounts are currently intended to support classes being sponsored by the Center for Machine Learning.

You will be notified by email that you have an account to redeemed. If you have not received a email please contact your TA. Once you do perform the redemption of your account you will need to wait until you get a confirmation email that your account has been installed. This is done in batch once a day on days that the University is open for business.

Once notification that your account has been installed you can access the following class submission host(s) using SSH with your assigned username and the password you provided in your account redemption.

You may not run computational jobs on this submission host and you must schedule your jobs with the SLURM workload manager. You can also find out more with the public documentation for the Slurm Workload Manager.

You will need to note the following information that class accounts only have access to the following and you may be required to explicitly set each of these in your submission parameters.

  • Partition - class
  • Account - class
  • QoS - default

Any questions or issues with the cluster must be first made through your TA.