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* [[Iribe/ConferenceRooms/TouchPanel | Using the Touch Panel]]
* [[ConferenceRooms/TouchPanel | Using the Touch Panel]]
* [[Iribe/ConferenceRooms/Solstice | Using the Solstice Mersive Pods]]
* [[ConferenceRooms/Solstice | Using the Solstice Mersive Pods]]
* [[Iribe/ConferenceRooms/Recording | Recording and Streaming]]
* [[ConferenceRooms/Recording | Recording and Streaming]]
* [[Iribe/ConferenceRooms/Zoom | Using Zoom]]
* [[ConferenceRooms/Zoom | Using Zoom]]

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Documentation for this conference room specifically is forthcoming. For now, please see our general documentation on room capabilities below as it is also applicable to this room.

Room Capabilities

Our conference rooms have different AV capabilities depending on what equipment each specific room is equipped with (which is generally based on the size of the room). In all rooms, you should at a minimum be able to either plug in your laptop to display to the projector and screen(s), or use the Solstice Mersive Pod found in each room to display wirelessly. In the future we will outline and give sessions on how to effectively use the different functionalities in our conference rooms.