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All conference rooms in the Brendan Iribe Center come equipped with touch panels that can be used to control the video and audio source(s) and level(s) being used to project to the display(s) in the room.

Basic Usage

Assuming the room was previously in a 'shut down' state, the display will look like this when you first come up to it.

TouchPanel initial.jpg

Touch the panel as directed to start it up. This will turn on the display(s) for the room and lower the projector screens if any are present.

TouchPanel bootup.jpg

Once the startup completes, you will see a number of different options depending on what the capabilities of the room are:

Moderated Rooms

TouchPanel seminar.jpg

These (larger) rooms have a number of options for sources to display and multiple places to display them to. All of the source options available in the smaller conference rooms are also available in these rooms. The exact options on each moderated room's panel may vary, as the capabilities vary room to room.

Auto-Accept Rooms

TouchPanel autoaccept.jpg

These rooms have the ability to display a device's screen wirelessly using Solstice, a device's screen wired via HDMI, or the room PC's display (the room PC is attached to the back of the screen in the room).

Huddle Rooms

TouchPanel huddle.jpg

These rooms have the ability to display a device's screen wirelessly using Solstice or a device's screen wired via HDMI. They do not have room PCs, so you must bring your own device(s).