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UMIACS supports a web content management system that allows faculty members to add and modify content on the main web page,

Logging in

You may log into the content management system at with your UMIACS Kerberos Password.


Please note that all authentication and editing requests will be redirected to use SSL through

Editing your profile

After logging in, your profile will be displayed. You may begin editing your profile by clicking the "Edit" tab as shown below.


In order to modify the information that the site displays for your profile, please click the "UMIACS Staff" link at the top-right of the page as shown below.


You may:

  • Edit your name as plain text.
  • Edit your Academic Title or Research Focus as plain text.
  • Select multiple Research Groups that you are working with by holding the "command" key on Macs or the "Control" key on Windows.
  • Edit your Education field as plain text.
  • Edit you biography as filtered html, which can include basic tags such as anchors, images, lists, and definitions. Plain text without markup will also be rendered properly.
  • Edit the location of your home page.
  • Edit your mailing address, telephone, or fax.

Please note that changes made to the default profile, without clicking "UMIACS Staff" will not be properly displayed on the site.